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Our customer support and accounts management teams provide the best service in the industry. We’re passionate about our products as well as our customers and it shows in the level of service that we provide. We’re always here to help find the solution for your needs. If a solution doesn’t already exist we’ll create a new solution that resolves your issue.

Head Office: + 27 10 597 0839


22 Sloane Street Bryanston

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Our sales staff are more than happy to assist you or direct you accordingly with any query you might have on components we sell or across solutions and services we offer.

[team_member image_url=”5762″ team_member_name=”Geraldine Bilhem” job_position=”Commercial Business Development Lead” description=”Contact Telephone: + 27 10 597 0839
Contact Cell: +27 73 497 8439
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm : 087 702 5560
WhatsApp WhatsApp +27 87 702 5560

[team_member image_url=”5759″ team_member_name=”Kubeshnee Ponusammy” job_position=”Supply Chain Lead” description=”Contact Telephone: +27 11 463 7602
Whatsapp: +27 61 976 5873″]

[team_member image_url=”5763″ team_member_name=”Manpreet Kour” job_position=”Assistant Supply Chain” description=”Telephone: +27 11 463 7602″]

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