Want to go BIG – Let us Help You!

If you just want to start off with 10 machines or 50, look no further! BitCoinProspers team of experts can help you get setup to mine Crypto Currencies in the most efficient way possible.
BitCoin Prosper Mining Rig Farm 1

Electrical Layout & Planning

We do the electrical planning of your operation.

BitCoin Prosper Mining Rig Farm 2

Network and Shelf Layout

We do the network design and shelf planning.

BitCoin Prosper Mining Rig Farm 3

Device Mapping & Install

We map your entire farm via Genesis Hive and install the miners.

We supply a wide variety of Hardware.

Bitmart supplies and installs Anminer, Avalon & Baikal miners across the world for clients.

Office Hours

Mon-Fri / 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.