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6 Places to Spend Bitcoins using Payfast

One of the criticisms that people have labeled at Crypto Currency as a whole is that you can’t spend it easily. However, this is not true. Payfast has ensured that you can access your Wallet, as if it’s a bank account with a Debit Card. With that in mind, here are 6 places online where you can use Crypto Currency to buy some amazing items

South Africa’s largest retailer is the perfect place to buy some products. Huge product range from fashion, health and gaming. This is an excellent place to spend your Bitcoins and get exactly what you want. Anything you want, you can get from here

Superbalist is the place to buy art and lifestyle products. It’s the go to place to get some clothes, and other fashion items


Another fashion Store online where you can buy items rather easily. If you’re looking for new clothes or the latest fashions, head here and spend your Bitcoins


From the people behind, here’s Raru. Gaming products, movies and other electronic items are available here, at a very low price, and all able to be bought via Payfast.

Cape Coffee Beans

Mining is hard work. Relieve some of the stress by getting some Cape Coffee Online. Connected to the Payfast network, you can spend your Bitcoins here rather easily, and get some nice

The Tea Merchant

Not a Coffee person? Then don’t worry, you can get some Tea from the Tea Merchant online. Bitcoins can be used easily, once again thanks to Payfast


Yes, it is relatively easy. All you need to do is set up a Payfast account and you can easily make payments. It’s just as easy as you using a debit card online. No extra steps required, no hassle. There’s no excuse to not invest in Bitcoins, it’s profitable, your value is growing, and it’s also a great way to spend money as well. The hype is there for a reason, Bitcoins are the future, and they will only get easier and easier to use as time goes on

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