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AMD’s Radeon RX Vega for Mining

We’ve been looking at different GPU’s for mining Crypto Currencies. Now we’ll look at the AMD Radeon RX Vega, recently released, and extremely good for mining. It is not easily available in South Africa, however, it can be ordered online from different stores.


  • Shatter the limitations of traditional GPU memory for more intense visual capabilities.
  • IP5X-Certified Fans for dust resistant and longer fan lifespan.


This AMD Radeon is not an ASIC. It is a GPU. This means that not only can it mine Bitcoins, Ethereum and Altcoins. This means we will be able to mine any currency we want, including newer ones like Ethereum that are rising in value much more quicker than Bitcoins. After all, the greatest profit is to be made of Altcoins, not already established giants such as Bitcoins.

The dual bearing fans mean that this GPU is better secured against the hazards of heat and dust. It is resistant to heat

The price of this GPU is a bit on the high side, and it is hard to acquire in South Africa.

Potential Profit

The hashrate of these cards, when tested by our team, came out to about 30 MegaHash/s, and each card only took about 130W. If you use a rig consisting of eight of these, then the total Hashrate will be around 240 MegaHash/s for only 1040W.

So let’s assume we turn on our mining operation and leave it on for a month. We will have mined 0.01813 Ethereum per day and 0.5438 ethereum per month. That comes up to around 4,450 Rand per month. The cost of the power to run this is around 450 Rand per month.

So we are left with a net profit of around 4000 Rand per month. If we add a few extra cards, we can easily increase our profit margin even more

When you consider that the lifetime of the processor is double that of other GPU’s, and the power consumption is much lower, it seems like a good deal, despite the price.


The Antminer is the perfect card for mining Bitcoins. It seems the NVIDIA  P-106 is the card of choice to mine Altcoins. This is the GPU you should get if you have experience of mining, and have a lot of money. High Hash Rate, and a greater durability, combined with a very high starting investment means this is only for those who know what they’re doing.

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