Bitcoin Prosper Co-Hosting Payment FAQ’s

Browse our customer service directory and receive answers to the most common questions.

Question – What happens in the event when Crypto currencies gets banned for instance or something catastrophic happens before the 6 month period is over? Are there circumstances where we can lose the deposit and what are they? Usually in that case what happens (which is the beauty about BitCoin Mining and not ASIC mining) is that the parts of your CoMining Rig are sold off and the monies are then returned back to you usually at a rate of approximately 75% of your initial investment


Question – Do you have alternative power in place in case of power outages? – Yes, due to the state of our current energy situation in this country all miners are backed up with a 24/7 battery storage device.


Question – Where is the mining operation based? Our mining operation is based in Midrand, however, full street address details are not allowed to be disclosed due to the high-security measures to keep other owners mining machines secure.


Question – How long do payouts take to happen? Payouts are usually handled on a 5 – 7 day period once approved.


Question – I’ve made a full withdraw from my account however only a portion of it was paid out? Amounts are only paid out if there is a full amount on the initial amount.


Question – Why is there a difference between hat is requested to be paid out and what has been out? There is a 0.5% fee every time a withdrawal is made on your account even if the amount cannot be withdrawn.


Question – Why do I not see constant updates on my mining rig? Our servers are only provisioned to update every 24  48 hours based on our software system used.


Question – I’ve made multiple payout requests why have I not received a payout email as yet? Payout emails are sent once a payout consultant handles them. At certain times and due to network constraints there could be a delay for this.


Question – What happens if a request is less than the holding amount? Your request will still be processed however this would usually result in an error notification being generated. 


Question – When is the remaining amount of the holding fee paid out to me that is held to keep the wallet open and available? This remaining balance is paid out when your machine is decommissioned and sent back to you.


Question – Why is a service charged every time a request is made? This is due to our payment consultants having to review initiate a withdrawal process on each withdrawal attempt made.


Question – I requested a payout today, however, the amount paid out was what my previous request amount was why is that so and why is not the latest amount paid out? Our payout system works sequentially and based on each payout request, meaning that the first payout will be honored first and then each payout thereafter will be made.


Question – Are fees charged every time a withdrawal is made? Yes, this is due to the administrative activities required to be carried out for this process to be completed.


Question – I have made a request for a withdrawn however still have not received any feedback on the withdrawal? This could be due to any or some outstanding amounts to Wards either the service fee or the machine which is required to be paid before withdrawal process can begin on the relevant Machine please check with accounts via the email address accounts at Bitcoinprosper dot co dot za to confirm with the machine name to confirm if any payments are required to be made to the account.