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Bitcoin Prospers 6 types of places to spending your Bitcoin in South Africa in 2018

Bitcoin is taking the world by storm. Not only millions of users are pounding on this money making tool, there is a huge increase in the popularity of the exchange tool even in our own country. For users who are generating regular income through Bitcoin, it often becomes a dilemma to think about options for spending their bitcoins in the Country. However, you might be wondering where can you actually spend the coins once mined, let’s have a look at the ways in which you can spend your Bitcoins in SA.

  1. Runaway sale

One of the largest fashion online stores of South Africa, Runaway remains at the top of our list. The platform offers timely sales and discounts on its products. As much as 70% discounts can be availed on all designer brands that are available exclusively on this website. The sale remains open for few days with limited stock. Hence it is a good option to spend your bitcoins on high quality fashion products at reasonable rates.


  1. Earth child

This is a South African national retailer offering clothing made up of natural ingredients. All of the offerings here are composed of organic cotton, ensuring purity and quality. The products offer comfort and act as a perfect mode of spending Bitcoins in South Africa.


3.Cape coffee beans

This is the mode for those who are addicted to coffee. If you love sipping coffee while mining bitcoins, you can order more coffee and related items from this online store made for coffee lovers in South Africa.

  4. BitcoinProsper

It wouldn’t be surprising that BitcoinProspers very own store accepts Bitcoin. And if you have been looking around at our store. You will find that not only do we sell mining rigs but also general hardware associated with mining rigs including graphics cards and even some actual Bitcoins.


5. iFix/weFix

As visible from its name, the company is the biggest when it comes to repairing of smart devices. Earlier known as iFix, the company is proficient when it comes to fixing or repairing Apple devices. The company also deals in repairing of some Samsung devices. So, if you wish to get your iPhone or any other product repaired, it’s a good option for using your Bitcoins.



Till date, Takealot stands as one of the biggest e-commerce retailers in South Africa. The company offers a huge variety of products divided into more than 20 departments. Hence, you can choose any item you need from this retailer chain. For spending Bitcoins, you shall select EFT when you checkout so that your purchase is paid with Bitcoins only.



Besides the above listed on listed stores, the best way to spend Bitcoin is to simply ask the vendors you are dealing with, if they accept Bitcoin or not. In a broad aspect, there are different businesses in South Africa that accept payments through Bitcoins. Hence, most of these will let you do the transactions in the form of Bitcoin rather than cash. This also means that the businesses have bitcoin wallets and the payment procedure is safe.

Contrary to this, businessmen who like to deal in Bitcoins can also accept payments through this cryptocurrency. This will not only increase the Bitcoin amount in their wallet, but will also display a good image of convenience in the minds of their customers.









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