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Bitcoin Prospers list of top mining companies in South Africa

Cryptocurrency is here to stay! That is the future and South African soil is turning into a cryptocurrency mining hub, due to its reasonably priced electricity charges in comparison to other countries. South Africa, Cryptocurrency mining has caught the attention of both individuals and companies, who have willingly taken on the task of investing in this volatile but extremely profitable market.


BitcoinProsper has earned the title of “trading and mining specialists” in Johannesburg South Africa and being based in the heart of Sandton makes it easy to access and come in to chat to one of our research specialists at our huge campus. Which not only offers mining information, training and a tech workshop but also access to over 200 members in our local meetup hosted groups. Extensive research and testing are done during the selection of hardware and rigs set up with our customers not only for mining but trading, with the intention of acquiring optimum results. The company is constantly engaged in research looking to stay at the forefront of this technology. An effective approach is adopted in the analysis and establishment of rigs for mining cryptocurrencies such as  Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Zcash, in order to survive in this competitive yet extremely rewarding market.

The mining of Litecoin or Bitcoin is done using an ASIC miner, while GPU mining rig is employed for Monero, Zcash, Ethereum, and other altcoins.  The company’s product range is continually updated with latest mining graphics cards, cryptocurrency miners and other mining rig components, for keeping it alive in the race of cryptocurrency miners.


As it is said that it is not where you start, but how high you aim, that matters in achieveing success! The foundation of Bitgear was laid by a Cape Town based small group of enthusiastic investors and cryptocurrency miners, who set the aim of becoming the market leader in the South African cryptocurrency mining rig and hardware space. At present, Bitgear is known for supplying the specific mining rig hardware and miners to the South African cryptocurrency mining industry.

Affinity Mining

The mining process typically sounds complicated and inaccessible to a common person. A novel cryptocurrency mining operation, Affinity Mining, has been introduced with the purpose of changing this perspective. The company has set an incredible goal of making the whole mining ecosystem green. For achieving this goal, transparent access is offered by Affinity Mining to the profitable and renewable industry-level cryptocurrency mining operations, using its Product Ecosystem. A broad product range and numerous emerging technologies are combined at this platform, with the aim of providing a significantly gainful solution to the investors.

The head of the company, Murray Hewlett, has claimed that his target is to become one of the largest cryptocurrency mining companies, using inexpensive renewable energy resources solely at the same time as exploiting custom algorithms for obtaining tremendously high productivity.



The establishment of a cryptocurrency hub in Nelspruitis is not that simple! The general interest is quite low despite the absence of Bitcoin’s opposition in the region. Under such circumstances, Bitmart has felt the need of opening a mining hardware store. This new store is anticipated to bring a positive change in the years to come to its locals.

The store is accepting almost all the payment options including Fiat currency, credit cards, EFT, cryptocurrency payments and cash. Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin have been placed under the list of supported cryptocurrencies. Though the future of Bitmart store is yet to be decided, it is pleasant to find that Bitmart is not just focusing on hardware sales, but also accommodating fresh entrepreneurs. Albeit being based in Nelspruit makes it a bit hard to access their staff and personnel easily.





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