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Bitcoin Prospers Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for South Africans to invest in 2018

With the launch of our new cryptocurrency courses being launched in early 2018 and seeing massive success so far with our learners, we decided to compile a complete list our investors and learners have been having with the most success and profitability within the trading and learning portfolio.

This is the era of cryptocurrencies. The “magic asset” has shown phenomenal performance in 2017. While no one can suggest the “one right crypto asset” to invest in, however, with hundreds of cryptocurrencies now in play, we take a look at the top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018.

  1. Bitcoin  (BTC)

This is the one that started it all! Bitcoin has a fascinating history which makes this asset all the more mysterious. It was launched in 2009 by an unknown group/individual named Satoshi Nakamoto, which/who disappeared about two years after launching it. Bitcoin is based on blockchain process, which was followed by vast majority of succeeding cryptocurrencies.  Being the oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is currently dominating the market with 40% share. And about its growth rate, well, the charts say that if you were smart or lucky enough to invest in Bitcoin in year 2010, you could have made millions by now. Sigh!

  1. Ethereum (ETH)

Contrary to Bitcoin, Ethereum is not only a digital currency; rather it is a more sophisticated blockchain project. This is because Ethereum platform offers the developers an option of building their own cryptocurrencies. A growth of 3000% has been witnessed by Ethereum in 2017 which made it the 2nd largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It is believed by blockchain experts that the market cap of Ethereum can rise significantly by the end of 2018 thus making it one of the best investment options in 2018.


  1. Ripple (XRP)

Another player which is showing an exceptional performance in the field of cryptocurrency is ripple! An incredible gain of approximately 36,000% was acquired by it in 2017. Though the current worth of one XRP is pretty low in comparison to that of one Bitcoin, but still it has managed to stand as the third largest cryptocurrency according to market cap.

The ultra-secure and prompt payment system has led to the increased popularity of ripple in the global market. After witnessing an amazing growth rate of ripple in 2017, one can safely say that it is one of the finest investment choices for the year 2018.


  1. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The launch of BCH is the result of the hard fork that occurred for the management of scalability issue in 2017. Its employment is way more economical and swift compared to Bitcoin. The recent stats have highlighted an impressive performance of BCH, which depicts its bright chances of escalation in the cryptocurrency world.


  1. EOS

Although Ethereum holds a noteworthy position in the top rankings of cryptocurrencies, a promising blockchain platform named EOS has been introduced, which is aimed at dethroning Ethereum as the key infrastructure for decentralized apps. This platform was established for surpassing a low number of Ethereum transactions per second, which according to the founders of EOS was not high enough for supporting the future ‘internet of things’.

  1. Litecoin (LTC)

Nothing is perfect in this imperfect world and same is true for the Bitcoin’s technology. Litecoin was created in 2011 for overcoming the limitations in the Bitcoin’s technology. It has been able to attract a number of investors due to its close association with Bitcoin. A huge 8000% growth mark in 2017 makes it a cryptocurrency to look up in 2018.

  1. Stellar

Another contender in this race is Stellar, which is a blockchain solution to move money in a quick and reliable manner across the borders, at a much economical rate. It has grown by 29,400% in 2017 and is expected to boom further in 2018.

  1. Cardano

Cardano stands out from the rest in the list since it is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project, developed solely on academic research. It is undeniably a bright option for those investors who can foresee its worth.

  1. TRON

TRON is another capable platform for building and storing applications and executing the smart contracts founded on its blockchain. The worth of TRON is increasing persistently and has big headroom for profits in future.

  1. IOTA

IOTA is a ground-breaking cryptocurrency, formed explicitly for the concept of the Internet of Things. It is the best time for making investments in this emerging platform, since it is capable of becoming the leading cryptocurrency in the years to come.

They say “do not put all eggs in one basket”, so here we have offered 10 promising baskets! Have a prosperous year ahead.

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