The BitCoinProsper Mining App is a comprehensive Nicehash App, Minergate App and Antpool App in one.

BitCoinProsper’s Mining app for Android and iOS was developed to bring Crypto Currency Miners of any caliber a tool with which they can monitor their mining in real-time. THe BitCoinProsper Mining App lets you view income your preferred fiat currency of choice. Some people refer to the app as the Nicehash App and others to it as the Minergate App. We are adding Antpool support next to enable monitoring of your miners on the Antpool, Nicehash and Minergate platforms all in one app.

How it works:

  • First you either need a Nicehash or Minergate account. Click the registration or signup buttons after you followed the links on the respective mining software of choice above.
  • Next you will need to download the BitCoinProsper app for Android or Apple.
Bitmart Android App
  • First of all, after installing the app you can log in to link the app with your Minergate account in addition, logging into your Minergate account is safe via our app and, view your Nicehash account by inserting the Bitcoin wallet address, linked to your miner into the Nicehash section of the app when prompt to do so. Antpool accounts can also be linked by inserting your Antpool API Key and API Secret. Furthermore, remember to activate the Antpool API after you created it by clicking on the green tick, this will hide the API Secret so be sure to copy it before doing so.
  • Nicehash will ask for the Bitcoin wallet address you have linked on your miner. If you have not yet setup your miner on Nicehash use the following link to find the Stratum Pools
  • For help to setup an Antminer follow this tutorial.

Antpool API Activation Process

Log into Antpool here and on the Dashboard then select the API Option

Anpool API Activation Step 1

Select all the tick boxes and generate the Key

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