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BitcoinProspers – ultimate top 10 list of mining pools

The rise in the cryptocurrency market allows us the insight into the most the immense potential as it holds for a profitable venture. Thus, it would be ignorant to not delve deep into this market available to us.

One of the most profitable activities available in the cryptocurrency realm is none other than mining. You can either decide to go solo on this journey or else you can also decide to go with the team. Basically, the team is known as a mining pool – a mining pool is when a group of miners agree upon working together across the internet and pooling their resources in performing complex calculations in order to generate blocks of data. In return, the ‘mining reward’ is split proportionally which is on the basis of the hash power that they have helped each other out with.

Given, henceforth, is a list of mining pools that you could make use of:

  1. Slush:

This is the first ever mining pool that we came across. It started out in the year 2010 and currently, it’s the oldest active mining pool. It was initially known as Bitcoin Pooled Mining Server and then it rebranded itself.

At present, it is the fourth largest mining pool constituting 11.4% hash power overall. It has servers in UK, USA Europe, China and Singapore.


  1. BTC.TOP

BTC.TOP is amongst the largest mining pools that you are going to witness. It mines around 13% of all the Bitcoin that are available. The hash rate of this pool is around 3100 PH/s.



This one is the most popular brand in the world of cryptocurrency with the domain names and It currently serves 20% of total global hash power. It currently supports mining of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash only. The servers of this pool are located in EU and China.


  1. ViaBTC

ViaBTC is amongst the most diversified mining pools given the number of alt coins it allows to mine along with the bitcoin. The mining pool has a hash rate of 2.772 EH/s and has generated about 11.5% of the total bitcoin blocks.


  1. AntPool

It is the largest mining pool, representing just over a quarter of hash power worldwide. It has servers all around the world, however, it is owned and operated by a China-based firm, Bitmain. This pool uses an innovative peer-to-peer mining protocol that links the device with the nearest device during setup, thereby ensuring faster connection.


  1. F2Pool

F2Pool is operating since 2013 and it is again a China-based mining pool. It represents around 5.5% of the Bitcoin mining pool. It is one of the most diverse pools that supports a number of altcoins. It has several servers in China, Hong Kong and the US.


  1. BTCC

BTCC is a China-based mining pool which has contributed to around 4% of the bitcoin blocks that are available. Its hash rate is around 600 PH/s.


  1. Bitfury

This mining pool is a private one and is not open to the public. However, it sure is a successful one – since it has contributed 3% of the bitcoin blocks. Its  hash rate is around 750 PH/s.


  1. BW Pool

The pool is one of the lesser known pools but is one of the best that is available. Its hash rate is around 700 PH/s. The pool is generating about 2% of the bitcoin blocks.


  1. ViaBTC

The hash rate of this pool is generating about 10% of the total bitcoin blocks. The hash rate of this particular mining pool hovers around 2300 PH/s.


You can go solo if you wish but the prospects of profit are blurring doing so unless you have a colossal amount of hash power. Furthermore, mining in pools are highly recommended as the risk that you are taking is bigger due to your hash rate not being as high as mined in pools and chances of being awarded a bloc dramatically increases plus getting a steady payout is always good to know you have especially if you are looking to attain your ROI sooner.


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