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The cryptocurrency market is barely a decade old yet it has presented one of the most amazing ecosystems to study. The intrigues include an anonymous found and surge in value to several thousand percentages in a single day. Here are exciting facts that will blow your mind about the cryptocurrency market. In 2009, one Bitcoin was worth $0.003 which is another interesting fact about cryptocurrency. People had not taken note of the currency and were not even interested in its value. By 2017 Dec, the value amazingly increased and as rising it also translates to shedding 2/3 of its value in just two months. This is an indication of the strength of cryptocurrency.


The value can swing dramatically causing both huge gains. The value is pegged on perception and is not controlled by any central bank or monetary regulator. The value of currencies lies in the technology that is used during storage and transactions. This is a digital platform that is also decentralized. A ledger record is known to have all transactions and gives a history of all activity on a coin. This technology makes the coins safe and efficient to use. This technology has made investors so excited about the currencies. This is a growing ecosystem with unique offerings for investors and the financial market. As new coins are born, the market will get more interesting to watch.

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