We sell to the public the latest Antminers and GPU rigs available. Currently the S9, L3+ and D3. GPU rigs are tailored to your requirements. Please get in touch for a quote on any of the above as prices and batch times vary often. Expect a shopping cart on the site soon.


To name a few:
-A flat rate cost of R1.2kw/h for electricity
-24hr security with CCTV (available on member dashboards soon)
-Advanced cooling engineered specifically for cryptocurrency mining
-Sophisticated fire prevention
-Insurance on every rig
-Member dashboard with live updates…

All of the above is included in our 20% commission (after electricity)

We choose the most profitable pool using sophisticated software. The pools pay in Bitcoin to ‘rent’ your machines. The pools automatically switch to
the most profitable coin with the same algorithm as your machine. We find this the most profitable for our members but we are currently
researching added functionality such as mining specific coins.

Every member is paid monthly. We pool the mining turnover and deduct the cost of electricity and New Mint’s
commission of 20%. We then distribute payouts in Bitcoin to each member. We aim to make payouts weekly in the future.

We only make a profit when you do. We charge 20% on your profits made i.e. New Mint Charge = (Your Rig Turnover – Electricity)*0.2