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GPU Bitcoin Mining Better Than Buying Bitcoins

What Makes GPU Bitcoin Mining Better Than Buying Bitcoins?

While talking about earning more bitcoins within a short time, everyone has a different viewpoint. With the growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges, people are rushing towards buying bitcoins instead of investing on mining. Consequently, ‘is GPU bitcoin mining better than buying or not?’ is the latest hot debate!

Is GPU Bitcoin Mining Better Than Buying? Or Is It Vice Versa?

Those who are in need to own more bitcoins for their future have surrounded the crypto exchangers. They are ready to pay whatever amount an exchange asks, just to get some crypto coins. Bitcoin is one of the highest selling currencies on all exchanges owing to its somewhat reliable statute. They are now being accepted for official transactions as well. Still, the professional miners are skeptical towards the rapid price crashes of bitcoins. Therefore, they still consider GPU bitcoin mining better than buying.

How Is GPU Bitcoin Mining Better?

Well, you can only get an exact answer for it if you are directly involved in crypto mining and trading. Here we list a few prominent features that give GPU bitcoin mining an edge over buying.

  • Your coins remain secure in mining. You can never leave your coins to the exchanges.
  • Mining requires no third party. Hence, no risks of cheating.
  • Setting up the mining hardware is now relatively cheaper than buying. (A single bitcoin today costs more than 10,000 USD.)
  • No transaction history for a mined bitcoin.
  • You can hold your bitcoins with GPU miner at times of Bitcoin

So, What To Do?

If you have plenty of dollars to spend on something abstract such as bitcoin, and you can withstand any bitcoin crashes on the exchanges, then you can choose to buy them. Otherwise, GPU bitcoin mining seems to be manageable for everyone.

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