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Is GPU Mining Still Profitable?

We are looking now at whether GPU Mining can still be profitable in 2018. Some recent news has made people fear for the future of mining in 2018, but as we show below, mining with a GPU is still as profitable as it ever was.

How Profitable is a GPU Mining Rig?

The nice part about GPU mining is that you can check whether what you’re doing is profitable or not, even before buying your GPU. You can simply click on the Bitcoin Mining calculator and decide whether a Mining Rig you’re planning to build is profitable or not.

Selecting a GPU is fairly straight forward. You select a card with a High Hash Rate and a Low Power consumption rate. You then insert your electricity rates in the calculator and check whether your chosen GPU is profitable or not. Remember that, more often than not, it will be profitable, but still be very careful in your choice of GPU and PSU. This is the only part of the endeavour which is risky since a wrong choice here can wreck your entire operation. However, the calculator is very easy to use, and if you use it correctly, you can not go wrong. The truth is hard to believe, but it is there. Very few people mine, but it is a guaranteed profit.

Why GPU Mining?

Some people will wonder why GPU Mining, when ASIC mining was the craze a few years ago. The answer to that is simple, GPU Mining became extremely popular because the algorithm that Ethereum uses is minable on a GPU. As Ethereum’s price increased and it became more popular, profits increased to higher and higher amounts. The lesson to learn from this is that it is profitable to mine an Altcoin on launch, and very profitable if that coin suddenly takes off. Currently, Litecoins and Ethereum are a bit harder to mine, but still more profitable than Bitcoins.

GPU mining is also popular because they can process algorithms that are ASIC resistant, such as those of Ethereum. It is considered less centralized than ASIC mining and this means it’s much more accessible to the average person. This means that GPU Mining is more profitable in this day and age than ASIC mining


GPU Mining is still a very profitable operation. It has left ASIC mining behind, and is something to invest in. Since the number of people who mine are still low, this is something worthwhile to invest in, and something that will guarantee a profit for a long, long time.

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