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Major Online Retailers in South Africa that Accept Bitcoins

We’ve looked at Payfast and many of the stores in South Africa itself that accept Crypto Currency. However, you can also spend your currency online in many major retailers that now accept payments in Bitcoins, Litecoins and Ethereum. In this article, we will show you a few major retailers that accept your crypto Currency, and also tell you what you can buy with that Crypto Currency there. Happy Shopping

  1. eGifter

    eGifter is a store where you can buy Gift Cards to other stores using your Bitcoins. This will allow you to buy items at places that do not accept Bitcoins directly, and it covers many major Stores in South Africa, and in other countries as well.

  2. HP Online


    For all your printing, computing needs, HP in South Africa does accept Crypto Currency via your online Wallet and you should take complete advantage of this. HP really needs no introduction and it is a reputed company that can help you take care of most of your computing needs.

  3. PizzaForCoins


    Again, like eGifter, you can’t order Pizza directly from the Site, but it will find retailers near you that it can access to order your Pizza for you. It allows you to order from Pizza Hut, Dominoes and co, so it can help you take care of all your Pizza needs indirectly using Crypto Currency. After all, who doesn’t deserve a good slice of Pizza after having made some money mining?

  4. Microsoft


    Another Major Online Firm that allows you to deposit money into your account via Bitcoins only. There is one snag though, none of this money is refundable. However, if you do intend to buy some game, some software, or some application, then you can spend money directly in your account. This is an interesting feature, with a lot of conditions, however it is definitely worth it as it allows you to access the entire Microsoft Market using just your Bitcoins.

  5. Gyft


    Another Gift Card company, with cards from Starbucks, Target and many other popular multinational chains. This will help you not only spend your crypto currency, but also potentially get cheap discounts as well, which is an added bonus. Definitely a store to look into if you want to spend your currency.

So as you can see from this small list, you can buy digital products from reputed companies, order food, and even get gift cards for various shops using your Crypto currency, all without getting it converted. This will allow you to spend Bitcoins without worrying about converting it into cash or converting it at a time when the rate has fallen. You can convert crypto currency when you want, at the right time, instead of withdrawing it and losing out on potential profit. So enjoy this list, spend your money on what you need and most importantly, enjoy your shopping!

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