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What you need to buy to set up your own Bitcoin Mining Rig?

We have recommended the AntMiner as a possible processor to setup your own bitcoin or Altcoin mining rig, but for many reasons, you may want to invest in something else. Perhaps you want to spend less, perhaps you want a more expensive system. This article will help show you exactly what you need to set up.


You will need a good Motherboard for mining. Now there are motherboards that are specifically built for mining, and if you can afford it, that’s great. However, even if you can’t you’re looking for a motherboard with a large number of PCIe and PCI slots, so you can attach a large number of GPU’s. If you don’t have much money, go for a cheap option, however, make sure that whatever you go with can handle a large number of GPU’s (At least 5)


Here, the choice is between AMD and Intel. AMD’s are more expensive, and frankly, you don’t need a good CPU to mine anything, you need a good GPU. Unless you can justify spending more on a better CPU, don’t invest too much here.

Hard drive

You don’t really need a great Hard Drive for mining, however, you do need one that can handle the Bitcoin’s blockchain size, which is around 150 GB. I would suggest to at least get a 500 GB Hard Disk, however.


Two 8 GB sticks should be enough. You need good RAM.

PCIe Risers

These are specifically used so that you can slot in your GPU but not directly in the PCI slot. This is because a GPU takes up a ton of space, and one would take up the space of two slots, if inserted directly in your Mining Rig

Power Supply (PSU)

This is a very underrated part of the mining setup which needs to be absolutely spot on, or else nothing will work. You need to calculate how much power your setup will take. One thing to keep in mind though, just because your setup takes 1200 Watts, does not mean you can get away with a 1300 Watt PSU. These are meant to be run at 75% of their full load, and not greater than that. They will work, but not for long periods if you run them at full load, and after all, why take the risk?

Operating System

Linux or Windows 10. Preferably Linux, as the overhead will be far less.


Hash Rate, power consumption and cost, this is the key thing when buying a GPU. There are online calculators available that will help you calculate how much profit you can make using a specific GPU. Be careful here, as a high cost, low Hash Rate, high power GPU will make you a loss, not a profit. Buy the right GPU, and the right PSU, and you will be making a large profit on your Mining Rig

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