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NVIDIA P-106 GPU for Mining

We’ve been looking at different GPU’s for mining Crypto Currencies. Today, we’ll look at the NVIDIA P-106 GPU. This state of the art technology is one of the most potent Mining GPU’s around.


  • Dual-Ball Bearing Fans reduce friction and double the life of the GPU
  • IP5X-Certified Fans for dust resistant and longer fan lifespan.
  • GPU TWEAK II allows modification to improve Hashrate


This NVIDIA GPU is not an ASIC. This means that not only can it mine Bitcoins, but it can also mine Ethereum and Altcoins as well. This makes it extremely useful as it is a dual purpose GPU. We must also remember that Bitcoins are harder to mine than Litecoins, Ethereum and other Altcoins, so we would ideally require a GPU that is able to mine them. After all, the greatest profit is to be made of Altcoins, not already established giants such as Bitcoins.

The dual bearing fans mean that this GPU is better secured against the hazards of heat and dust. The increased lifetime of the NVIDIA GPU is also very welcome news. This is because the greatest issue for any mining operation is the chance of equipment failure. High quality equipment is unbelievably hard to get.

The price of this GPU is also very cheap. You can get a complete rig, consisting of 8 of these for  R55,574.

Potential Profit

The hashrate of these cards, when tested by our team, came out to about 20 MegaHash/s, and each card only took about 75W. If you use a rig consisting of eight of these, then the total Hashrate will be around 160 MegaHash/s for only 600W.

So let’s assume we turn on our mining operation and leave it on for a month. We will have mined 0.01189 Ethereum per day and 0.3567 ethereum per month. That comes up to around 2900 Rand per month. The cost of the power to run this is around 400 Rand per month.

So we are left with a net profit of around 2500 Rand per month. If we add a few extra cards, we can easily increase our profit margin even more

When you consider that the lifetime of the NVIDIA processor is double that of other GPU’s because of its fan, this is an excellent deal.


The Antminer is the perfect card for mining Bitcoins, and the NVIDIA  P-106 is the card of choice to mine Altcoins. This is the GPU you should get if you want to begin mining. Dedicated to a single purpose, low power and with a high hash rate, a definite must have.

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