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Popular Stores in South Africa to Spend Bitcoins

Popular stores where you can spend Bitcoins

As we mentioned in a previous article, Bitcoins can now be spent at an increasing number of outlets. Today, we’ll look at the number of stores that allow you to spend Bitcoins, and how easy it is to spend Bitcoins there. But first, let’s look at one of the alternative methods of accessing your wallet, which can also be used to spend Bitcoins


Any store which supports Payfast, and there are literally thousands of them, can be used to spend Bitcoins, if you have a card linked to your Wallet. By far the easiest method of spending your Bitcoins, Payfast is an excellent and convenient service to use while spending your Bitcoins.

30000 stores are linked to Payfast. With a wallet that is linked to a Payfast account, you can access your wallet to pay at any of these stores. The added bonus of this is that you don’t need to concern yourself with whether a store will accept your Bitcoins or not, as the service is Payfast, and not your Bitcoins or Ethereum. This means that no store can reject your Payment of Cryptocurrency, as it doesn’t matter to them what the currency you’re paying in is, they get their money in Rand. This can be extremely useful as some businesses are extremely resistant to change and adopting to newer times, so Payfast’s unique service helps you spend your wallet easily, without consistently carrying around a large amount of cash from converting your Wallet into South African Rand.

Remember though, that Payfast is not free, and will charge a small amount for your card. However, this payment is easily worth it and a lot less than what it will cost you to keep exchanging Bitcoins or Ethereum on the Market, especially given how volatile the currency is. While rates are rising on average, they may also suffer steep falls and you may suffer losses, if you withdraw money at the wrong time. With Payfast, that is not an issue.

Specific Stores

There are some specific stores that allow you to spend Bitcoins there. Here are a few of them:-

  • 12 Hours
  • 4Kids
  • Action Gear
  • AppleBee
  • Best Education
  • Bit Refill (Allows you to top up your mobile phone using Bitcoins)
  • Cape Coffee Beans
  • Future Lights
  • HP Online
  • Juice Revolution
  • MyoMed Medical Supplies
  • Nelson Mandela’s Children Fund


As you can see, this is a wide list which covers a lot of different areas. This isn’t even a 10th of the total number of stores that accept Bitcoins. Many are popular, many less so. But they all represent a great place to spend your hard earned crypto Currency.

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