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Bitcoin Hardware in South Africa

Buying Bitcoin Mining Hardware in South Africa

Many people go online to buy dedicated hardware for mining Bitcoins. However, while still niche, more and more people are mining Bitcoins in the country. Some great stores have popped up where Hardware can be bought, online or in person.

So let’s look at some of the dedicated stores that have opened up in the country.

Bitcoin Market South Africa

Bitmart has recented opened its first retail store, which will allow you to buy ASIC’s, GPU Miners, and all the other hardware that would be needed to mine Crypto Currency.  Whether you require a PSU with great power, a brand new AntMiner or a new Hardware drive, everything you want is available here, in what is the most extensive Crypto Currency Mining store in the country.

They have also been conducting a number of seminars to further educate the South African Public about the value of Bitcoin. They have also have opened up a number of ATM’s for customers to be able to access their Bitcoin Wallet. This is one shop that you will need to get to.


Mineshop is another place where you can buy GPU Rigs. It’s another newly opened franchise, which also sell quite a few required accessories for mining Bitcoins.

While not as extensive as Bitmart, price comparisons of both stores show that MineShop is cheaper. This means that you can extract maximum profit by doing careful research about what to buy from where. Taking advantage of the cheaper prices of some GPU mining rigs from Mineshop could help you break even a lot quicker, and you know that you’ll be getting a quality product which you will have bought in front of you, something you are not as sure of when you buy something online.

BitCoin Propser

You can buy items online from BitCoin Prosper, the number one provider of Bitcoin mining hardware in South Africa. Affordable and high quality items are available here.


Crypto Currency mining is a profitable endeavor and more and more stores in South Africa are catering to the need of getting specialized equipment to profit from the craze of Crypto Currency. Whether it be Bitcoins, or whether it be the rising Ethereum, profit is there to be had, and the equipment is now starting to be readily available in different stores. There are no excuses to not making a profit in these times now.