Dashboard is great

The member dashboard is great. I love logging in weekly and seeing what my miners have brought in.”

Crypto community

I was really excited to get into the crypto community and mining in particular. New Mint has made it a breeze for me.”

Bird special

I invested into the early bird special and I am really happy with how easy it was to have 4 rigs up and running hassle free.”

Canadian government

“Canadian government moving faster towards mainstream bitcoin adoption”

Ajit Tawde

Best knowledge portal on anything & everything around crypto currencies. Less technical jargon still providing what you need to know about this new technology paradigms.

Alberto Pelizzaro

A clear leader to explain the very complex crypto world to the masses… I started to understand the bitcoin and other cryptocurrenceis with 99bitcoins and their guide to the practical use of them. The guide and the how to article are very clever and you not waste your time to read it. Outstanding.

Karyn Fletcher

This site is great whether you are a beginner or just like to be informed about the cryptocurrency world.The site is welcoming and easy to navigate packed full of information too. The site also features its own faucet and dispenses satoshi every 5 minutes.All in all a great all round site and if you are still confused about anything bitcoin the staff are on hand to answer your query within 24 hours.

Raymund Mutya

Great website! They offer free information and updates regarding crytocurrency especially with bitcoins. I love how Ofir wrote information in the blog, very helpful. God bless to Ofir and his 99bitcoins Team.