BitCoinProsper Co-Hosting Work Order

If your machine is not working properly, we want to correct the issue as quickly as possible. To do that we need your help – please follow these instructions and let us know if you have questions during the process.

Beginning from Oct. 1st, 2016, a 180-day warranty is provided starting from the shipping date. Repair tickets must be created within that 180-day period, otherwise the warranty will be void.

The Work Order process:

1. Locate the defective part and confirm the issue 

2. Prepare the shipment

3. Create a Repair ticket

4. Instructions for out of warranty repair

5. Picture of Miner Components

Here are the details:


1.      Locate the defective part and confirm the issue.  Buy a spare part?

a. If you are able to troubleshoot and are certain which part/unit is faulty you can create the repair ticket and ship the part/unit to us. Online troubleshooting?

b. If you are not certain how to locate the faulty part/unit, please contact us for help. Online consultation?

c. If the hashboard/PSU is burnt, oxidized, broken or the PIN on it is fallen off, it will be scrapped and can not be fixed. Please do not return it anymore. Scrap or not?

d. If the customer removes/replaces any components especially hashboards without first receiving permission from Bitmain, for technical reasons the miner/hash board cannot be repaired. All the hash boards in the same miner must have the same serial numbers.

e. Please only ship whole Antminers, hash boards, control boards and PSU to our HK repair center. Other accessory parts will be discarded during customs clearance.

2.      Prepare the shipment.

a. Pack the parts carefully. Shipment damage will void the warranty. If PINs are damaged on the hash board, we cannot repair or replace the board and you will need to make a claim with your shipper. Here is a video demonstrating how to pack the hash board: How to pack?

b. For the miner, if your miner is:
S9: Ship the whole machine
T9: Ship the whole machine
R4: Ship the whole machine
L3+: Ship ONLY the defective part or the whole machine

D3: Ship ONLY the defective part or the whole machine
S7: Ship ONLY the defective part, please do NOT ship the whole machine

c. Click ‘Print’ on upper-right corner to print two copy of Repair Ticket. Stick one copy outside the package and put the other copy inside the package. The package will be rejected if there is no two copy of Repair Ticket.

d. Please be sure to declare value “within $45” and describe the product as “Warranty part” on the waybill, otherwise the extra customs clearance fees will be billed to the client.


e. Be sure mark “deliveries are made on working days only” and “Antminer” on the items description of the waybill. We are not liable for any delay due to this information not being included on the package.

f. We will not accept “Freight Collect”, the packages will be sent back to the sender if you use it. Per the terms of our warranty coverage you need to pay for the shipment to us. We will pay for the return shipment once the repair is complete, subject to warranty coverage.

g. Please do NOT ship products of a company other than Bitmain. Packages containing products of other companies will be returned to the sender or discarded.

h. We are not able to send more than 60 miners to the same customer one day, please do not ship more than 60 miners together to avoid delay in shipment.

i. Consignee (Repair ticket is needed)

  1) HongKong Delivery Address (Worldwide you can ship to our Hong Kong facility)




Tel: +852-24437568 (The number is only available for logistics, not for service)

2) US Delivery Address (If your miners/hashboards are currently in the US, you can ship them to our US repair site. Otherwise, the packages will be returned to you) Online consultation?

Name: Tomrepair-Bitmain

Address: 5640 Grace Place, Commerce, CA 90022, USA

Tel: (+1) 626 362 7240

3.      Create a Repair ticket. How to create a repair ticket?

a. Log into your Bitmain account and click “Create repair ticket”. Create a repair ticket now?

b. Read the After-sales service terms, click the “Accept the Above Terms of Service and Statement” box and click “Next”.

c. Complete the requested information and click “Next”

d. Complete the Delivery Tracking Number, Delivery Logistics and Shipping address information.

Please enter the actual shipping tracking number. If you do not have the right tracking number, please try to input the date of today like 2017051514-Year/Month/Day/Hour first then revise it after you receive the right tracking number.

e. Confirm

f. Once the ticket is complete you can go to “My Repair Tickets” to view and edit your tickets.

     4.      Instructions for out of warranty repair

If your machine is out of warranty you can send the parts or machine to Bitmain for paid repair,

To send the package to Bitmain for paid repair:
a. Please contact us first before returning for repair.
b. Please create a repair ticket.
c.  The bill will be sent to you once the machine is repaired. Be sure to pack parts well before shipping out.
d.   Be sure to pack parts well before shipping out.
If the boards get damaged during transport, we cannot repair them.

You can also send the faulty parts to Bitmain Warranty in the United States. Bitmain Warranty is a separate company. You can contact them at

      5.      Pictures of Miner Components